In ¬†Eden rock and walking away¬†both, present moments of separation to communicate ideas about letting go of a loved one. However , in eden rock this is presented from the viewpoint of a child , whereas in walking away it is presented from the viewpoint of a father. in eden rock moments of separation are […]

Love is presented in various different ways in Thomas Hardy’s – Neutral Tones . one of the main ways Thomas Hardy presents love is as fake in neutral tones Thomas Hardy uses similes to present love as fake, this is demonstrated where he says ‘your eyes on me like tedious riddles. In this case a […]

in this essay i will talk about the McCandless family and the difference between movie and book. penn’s and krakauer’s interpretation are similar in someways but different at the same time. the family memebers ill be looking at is his dad Walt McCandless is a nasa scientist who quit to start his own business ,with […]

meaning a) Jon Krakauer had climbed seven hundred feet since he stepped off the glacier. b) Krakauer got into a rhythm that gave him confidence to climb the crumbly armor of frost feathers. c) The frost feathers were 5 inches thick. d) The ice got too thin to climb so Jon had to climb down. […]

  the theme im choosing is struggle assassin creed forsaken  

Berlin wall

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